What is Home Automation and why is it Amazing?

What is Home Automation and why is it Amazing?

We’re living in some highly exciting times. Modern technology is taking over the world and our lives are once again improving by using this technology for our benefit. Our homes are turning into a scene from Hollywood movies happening in the future.

Aside from everything else in society, now the time has come to remodel our homes and make them better. We now have home automation, which is one step toward fully digitalizing the tasks that we need to do at home. Learn more about it here.

In this article, we’re going to talk more about this phenomenon. We are going to share information about this feature and we will show you what it means to be part of this home. We will talk about the benefits, how to create it, and how to make the best of this technology. Follow up if you want to know more about these things and learn what home automation is.

What is home automation?

It is one of the latest technologies out there. Also known as smart home technology, it is a way to turn your house into a fully automated living organism working under your command. Today’s modern smart homes have everything connected through the internet and work simultaneously.

An app on your smartphone is responsible for everything happening inside. You can control the temperature, the fridge temperature, or the air-conditioner through the smartphone’s app. Even better, you can let the app control everything for you by setting the preferences once and let them stay that way.

This is called automation. The house is entirely automated and you don’t have to walk to the wall to turn on the switch, nor need you to look through the doorbell if someone rings the bell. Everything’s happening on your screen and you can control these devices, or appliances automatically – through your phone.

All appliances together are connected with the IoT technology

IoT stands for Internet of Things and is the common name for appliances connected to the internet and controlled by artificial software. These items in your home are capable to communicate with each other. All of the smart home devices will share their information providing a safe and perfect living environment.

For example, the cameras of today are equipped with special sensors that can monitor what happening inside. They can detect if there’s an issue with the people living inside, like having a stroke. When they detect this issue, the camera sends a signal to the phone that immediately calls 911 and explains the problem sharing the exact address.

With IoT, you can no longer forget the old non-wireless iron turned on. Even if something’s burned, the sensors will detect smoke and will turn off the iron by cutting off electricity and turning on the fire alarm. In other words, your home is a safe place 24/7.

Perfect for emergencies

As we mentioned, the cameras today can see everything, and since they are connected to the rest of the appliances, they can save your life. Modern AI-backed cameras will notice if you fall down the stairs, have a stroke, get attacked by someone, and similar threats.

They will instantly call 911 or the designated people on the list you made for them. High-tech cameras can detect a person carrying a weapon and being on the front door even after you allowed them to get in. It will notify you and ask for instructions. You can say that modern-day cameras are better than a well-trained guardian dog.

Artificial intelligence works behind everything

The science behind all this is called artificial intelligence. AI is the possibility of super-smart and super-fast computers to learn. When it comes to smart homes, the AI is easily going to pick the behavior of the people living inside and will know what a threat is after some time and what’s not.

After some time, we’re going to deal with technology that knows everything about us. It will know how well your eggs should be, what’s the perfect amount of cream in your coffee, and what channel you love seeing while having a snack. It’s an exciting future for us out there. Learn more about AI here: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/artificial-intelligence-ai.asp.

Options for every budget and needs

Right now, most homes around the globe that are considered smart homes use only a few appliances connected to the main source driven by AI. For example, Amazon’s smart speakers are conducting all operations for their users from one single place making some of the appliances work under their control.

In the future, more and more houses will be renovated and smart technology will be installed. New appliances all come with Wi-Fi connectivity and can be implemented in the IoT system. If you love this idea, you should ask around about your options, and make things work for you too.


Although it seems impossible, this is a reality for millions of people around the globe. You don’t need to tear down walls to install new cords and equipment. You need to get yourself modern equipment that will be able to connect to your already existing app.

That means installing modern cameras that are capable of doing all the stuff we mentioned. One starting to point to control the electricity is also an option, you don’t have to change every light bulb separately. If you manage to do these things, be sure that you’re going to enjoy a futuristic home.